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Adam Morgan is passionate about horse racing and is currently a journalist for the Press Association.

Nine From The North

In a year where Northern racing could be about to go toe-to-toe with its southern counterparts – hopefully with horses that have equal ability and stature - I aim to point out nine from the leading Northern stables which are worthy of a place in the notebook for the coming season. Seeyouatmidnight (Sandy Thompson) [...]

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An Interview with John Holt

While the spotlight in the racing world is firmly fixed on the Sussex Downs and the superpowers of British racing going head to head at the latest big summer meeting, in Leicestershire John Holt is busy at his Hall Farm Racing set up readying his one runner for the week, the self-owned stable veteran [...]

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An interview with Olly Murphy

The big day has arrived, it’s the 4th July 2017, Brighton racecourse. Olly Murphy, the 25 year-old new boy to the training ranks, is about to saddle his first runner, Dove Mountain. 1m2f later and Murphy was plundering his first winner with his first competitor to take to the track. A first double quickly [...]

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Newmarket’s July Meeting: Adam’s 5 To Follow

At the end of the A14, the never ending stretch of dual carriageway that carries you east, you will find the secluded Narnia of Newmarket, the hidden home of the horse that splits the counties of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. A town where horse is king, and mere human a pauper, it is four-legs which [...]

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Royal Ascot Q&A

With Royal Ascot peering longingly over the horizon, I took the opportunity on a sun-kissed Saturday afternoon on the Knavesmire to speak to four popular characters in racing about the action we’re set to see over the next week, and hopefully steer us in the right direction! Giving their views are: ITV’s Matt Chapman, [...]

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Dubai or Qatar, that is the question….

The events of the last few weeks, where politics has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue and tensions around the world have seemed to… well get a little bit tenser…. Has taken me back to my university day’s and sports and politics lectures that would take place on cold Friday morning’s in the [...]

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A Premature Ending for a Superstar Mare?

Annie, Annie, Annie….What a girl…. But as she heads to the breeding shed for stage two of her life, it is time to sit back and reflect on the career of the mare of a lifetime for owner Rich Ricci and those fabled salmon silks. Should we be celebrating a wonderful career and the [...]

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In For A Penny, In For A Pound

Once again racing has done the impossible and turned a day when they announce an extension of the Investec sponsorship of the Derby into a PR disaster. How can this great sport persistently turn itself into a parody and shoot itself in the foot with an endless stream of public faux pas? Now spectators [...]

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A Life Of A Jockey: Ben Robinson

5am, a time most teenagers would only see if staying out late partying way into the early hours. But for Ben Robinson, the fledgling apprentice jockey based at Brian Ellison’s Spring Cottage stables in Malton, it is the time when the Derbyshire born youngster starts his day. Each morning he rises at this early [...]

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